Mummy Berry Forecast – April 22, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We finally started to get a little heat and buds are starting to open in early varieties so you are probably wondering if there is any risk of mummy berry infection right now.  The answer is no – not at this time!  Remember that you need three things for infection – inoculum, susceptible bud development stage, and suitable weather conditions.  I checked Tim Strong’s farm for apothecia cups this morning and we were not able to find any cups so there is no inoculum at this time and thus no need to spray.  I will be watching closely this week and will inform you when the first cups are observed.  Until then be prepared but save your Topas for another day!

Also, keep in mind that conditions at Tim’s site are most applicable to other Kings County growers but a guide only for growers located west, south and east of his location.  Growers in these areas should monitor their own on-site conditions for verification.