Mummy berry blight season winding down!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Apothecia cup samples were collected this morning in Kings County and only a few were still actively sporulatingsuggesting that the primary infection season for mummy berry disease is rapidly winding down in this area. With the warm, dry conditions forecast for today and Saturday it will likely be over completely this weekend and growers in the Annapolis Valley and southwest Nova can breathe easier with respect to this disease. If you are located to the east of the Annapolis Valley the season is progressively later, by as much as 1-2 weeks, and growers in these areas may wish to extend their protection sprays an appropriate period of time.

A final forecast will be prepared next week to review the number and severity of infection periods (as determined by the weather station at Tim Strong’s in Kings County).

Remember that this forecast is based on data collected from Tim Strong’s orchard on Brooklyn Street in Kings County and may not be applicable to your location. It is a guide only.