Mummy Berry Forecast 2017 - #4

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

This update is to report that with the extended precipitation over the last few days, along with sporulating apothecia cups there was a risk for mummy berry infection!  Although temperatures were low on Monday, the wetness duration was long with precipitation starting at noon on Monday May 1st.  Temperatures reached the teens yesterday, May 2nd in Kings County.  If you had a spray on within a week to 10 days before this event you were likely protected.  If you did not, you can still control infections that have already occurred by application of a fungicide with back-action capability (Topas, Mission) within 72 hours of the beginning of the event. 

Monilinia blight infection risk model.

The weather forecast for Kings County is calling for rain Friday night through to Monday so a spray should be made while an application window is available. Applying a spray with back action will control infections that occurred this past Monday and Tuesday and will protect against infections that are likely going to occur on the coming weekend. Please check your regional forecast to determine the best time for a spray application.

For a complete list of products available for monilinia blight (mummy berry) control in highbush blueberry please see the Highbush Blueberry Management Schedule.

Just a reminder, the decision to spray for Monilinia blight (mummy berry) depends almost entirely on the past history of blight in a particular field.  If growers have experienced a problem with blight in the past, they should apply controls.  If you do have a history of Monilinia infection, applications do not need to be made until greater than 40% of the fruit buds have reached the F2 stage.  

All growers should be monitoring their fields closely, looking at floral and vegetative bud development.  More information on mummy berry can be found in Perennia's Management of Mummy Berry document.

Finally, please remember that the observations and recommendations above are derived from data collected in Kings County, Nova Scotia and may not be applicable to your location. If you are to the south and/or west of Kings County you may well be ahead in development and if you are located to the east of the Valley you will generally be later. This forecast is to be used a guide only for mummy berry disease management in Nova Scotia.