Mummy Berry 2018 Post #9

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Based on scouting performed in the Annapolis Valley, the majority of plantings/varieties are beyond the risk of primary Monilinia infections at this point.  

Many plantings are at the prebloom stage with flowers beginning to emerge, and based on our observations spore cups appear to be dried up.  Given the advanced bud stage and declining spore cups, Monilinia infection periods have or will soon be coming to an end. There will be a final blog post confirming that the risk Monilinia infection is sufficiently diminished or past at the end of this week.

Bud stage from May 22, 2018

Across most of Nova Scotia there was potential for infection on Sunday but it would be entirely site specific.  Those plantings that are still at the appropriate bud stage for infection would ahve been susceptible to Monilinia infection given the precipitation and average temperatures throughout the day Sunday.  It looks as though there is more rain in the forecast for Wednesday and Friday, so for those with plantings at later stages of development, you may want to consider a fungicide application.   

Before applying fungicides consider the in-field conditions, plant development, and history of Monilinia in the field as all these factor play a role in the occurrence of an infection period.  

For more information on highbush blueberries, mummy berry, and sprays please refer to Highbush Blueberry Insect & Disease Management Schedule 2017 and  Management of Mummy Berry Disease in Highbush Blueberry.