Mummy Berry Post #1 2021

Thursday, April 22, 2021


A quick update on Mummy Berry Development from Dr. Sajid Rehman.


Floral bud counts on April 21, 2021 from the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia.

Early variety with 11% F2 buds at F2 stage (Figure 1). Whereas F2 buds of Burlington and Duke blocks are still immature with less than 1% maturity (Figure 2).


Figure 1: 11% F2 buds at F2 stage on an early variety

Figure 2: Medium maturing variety Duke with closed buds

The fungal apothecia have spike formation, but they are not mature yet (Figure 3). 


Figure 3: Immature apothecia 

As a reminder, these recommendations are based on conditions observed in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia and may not be applicable to your location. Infection periods only occur when bud development has reached the F2 stage, monilinia apothecial cups are present, and temperature and moisture levels are ideal.