Mummy berry forecast for April 19th!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I know it has only been two days since my last forecast but I am not going to be in my office until Monday and I wanted everyone to consider the following:

As of today, early and mid-season varieties in Kings County are at the ideal stage for mummy berry infection. There are also apothecia cups (inoculum) present and although we haven’t had suitable weather conditions for infection yet, the forecast for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday is for warm temperatures and rain, ideal conditions for infection. I would recommend keeping an eye on the forecast for any significant change but if it doesn’t I would strongly recommend applying a control prior to this rainy period. Keep in mind that for effective “back action” you have to apply a control within 72 hours of the beginning of a wet period and if you have a long wet period, such as in the present forecast, this can be difficult.

Good luck!