Mummy berry forecast for April 26th

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It’s been one week since my last forecast and I can report that conditions suitable for infection have occurred at least three times during this time. The first infection period began on the morning of April 22nd and there have been at least two additional periods suitable for infection since this time. If you have a history of mummy berry disease on your farm you would have been well advised to have applied a protectant prior to this period of wet weather and should consider a second application 7-10 days later. If you did not apply a protectant prior to the current wet period, it is strongly recommended that you apply one at first opportunity to take advantage to the 72 hour “back action” capability of Funginex, Topas, or Mission so as to minimize infection. At present, all varieties are at or beyond the optimum F2 stage for infection and apothecia cups are present and sporulating under the current conditions. Protectants should be in place if you have a history of mummy berry disease on your farm!