Mummy Berry Forecast Post #2 – April 28th, 2023

Friday, April 28, 2023


I've been intensively looking for emerged apothecia (apothecia are small cup-shaped spore-bearing structures) and have not been about to find any from Aylesford to Gibson's Woods.  

There are three factors that need to be in place to trigger an infection period:    

-Apothecia at the correct stage of releasing spores

-Free moisture for a period of time on the plant tissue  (at low temperature spore germination and infection take longer much longer.......warm rains much much more quickly)

-The blueberry bushes at the correct stage


I'm seeing quite a difference in bud development from various locations across the western end of the province as we are very boarder line in accumulating GDD as you can see below the difference in GDD base 5 and 10 degrees. As a result it is very important that you look at your own plantings and varieties. 

From Waterville to Aylesford  Duke is at 35% F2 stage, Liberty and Bluegold 22 % F2 stage Draper 5%     later varieties are still pretty tight in their bud.  

Spray timings should target 40% of buds at F2 stage with active apothecia to give fungicide coverage through periods of free moisture.   

With the lack of apothecia and stage of crop up until this point risk of infection has been very low.