Monilinia Blight Forecast Post #2 April 26st.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Observations taken from Waterville to Aylesford:

Apothecia that emerged at the beginning of the week are looking aged due to the dry conditions but are still active. 

New apothecia have also emerged and are active.


The weather has been cool this week so bud development has been variable between sites and very dependent on microclimates.   Be sure to compare development on your own farm. 

Early varieties (Duke) - 20-40% F2 stage

Mid-season Varieties (Draper, Bluegold)- 20% F2 stage 

Late Varieties (Burlington, Liberty) - 0-14% F2 stage

Spray timings should target 40% of buds at F2 stage with active apothecia to give fungicide coverage through periods of free moisture.   

The weather forecast continues to predict dry weather until the middle of next week, so the risk of infection remains low. 

Growers are urged to pay attention to the weather forecast and if rain is forecast the risk of infection can quickly change to high, in which case, fungicides should be applied before the rain event.