Monilinia Blight Forecast Post #3 April 29th

Monday, April 29, 2024

Early varieties (Duke) - 30-45% F2 stage

Mid-season Varieties (Draper, Bluegold)- 30% F2 stage 

Late Varieties (Burlington, Liberty) - 25% F2 stage

Rainfall on early Monday morning represents a significant infection risk and growers should apply a group 3 fungicide using its "back-action" to prevent infection.   If growers had sprayed in the last five days they should still be protected for this rain event.   

Growers are urged to pay attention to the weather forecast this week as the blueberry varieties move through the critical infection stage of development and apothecia are present and actively releasing spores. 

For a list of products for Monilinia Blight protection please follow this link:  Click Here

Or Google search for Perennia’s Online Pest Management Tool for a list of all products registered on highbush blueberry.