Monilinia Blight Forecast Post #4 May 3rd

Friday, May 3, 2024

Early varieties (Duke) - green tip to tight cluster

Mid-season Varieties (Draper, Bluegold)- 60% F2 stage or beyond 

Late Varieties (Burlington, Liberty) - 40% F2 stage

Keep in mind that observations on blueberry and apothecia development are taken from Berwick to Aylesford and may differ slightly to individual farms. 

With the exception of early Monday morning this week has remained quite dry. Many growers decided to spray for that wetting event because it took a very long time to dry off. 

Looking ahead at the forecast, the weather calls to remain dry with the possibility of isolated showers on Sunday night/Monday morning.  Despite the varieties being at a susceptible stage and apothecia being active, if the weather remains dry the risk of infection remains low.  if rain is forecast the risk can quickly increase so growers should continue to keep an eye on the weather forecast and be ready to react.  

Above early emerged apothecia are starting to age and dry slightly but are still active. 

Below are later emerged apothecia.

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